The 'Concrete Design Specialists' are a Licensed & Insured Company of Experienced Stencil Crete Designers & Master Tradesmen who've been completing high quality Stenciled Concrete projects for happy clients in Sydney over the last 33 years. Recognized for their excellence in Superior Quality Stenciled Concrete In All Forms, colours and patterns.

The Concrete Design Specialists focus on attention to detail, which is why their workmanship is superior compared to others.
They take pride in providing Strong, Durable & Attractive Stenciled Concrete, guaranteeing you the best quality materials & workmanship.

  • Highest quality materials used to protect against cracking
  • Double colour coats applied to protect from future fading
  • Double additional sealer coats to prevent from becoming porous
  • Extra precautionary steps taken to prevent future cracking
  • Products are 100% resistant from mildew, mold, and stains
  • Quality Assurance Inspections To Ensure High Standard Work
  • 78 years combined experience with designing quality Concrete
  • 3rd Generation Family Business, Successful Since Feb 1978
  • More than 2,700 satisfied clients within the Sydney Metro area
  • Proprietary Methods Of Reinforcing Concrete Strength, Durability & Colour Vibrancy For The Very Long-Term
  • 10 YEAR GUARANTEE's To Protect Your Investment, Covering The Quality Of All Materials & Workmanship

'The Concrete Design Specialists' lay every form of Stenciled Concrete there is. When you contract
them to work for you, the options and design possibilities are limited only by your imagination.
Take a look below to get an idea of the possibilities available to you.

stenciled driveway


stencil pool deck

Stencil Concrete POOL DECKS

stenciled concrete patios

Stenciled Concrete PATIOS

stenciled stairs

Stenciled Concrete STAIRS

stenciled entryways

Stenciled Concrete ENTRYWAYS

stenciled pathways

Stenciled Concrete PATHWAYS

symbols emblems

DECORATIVE Concrete Stenciling

indoor concrete stenciling

INDOOR Concrete Stenciling

stencil concrete sidewalk

Stencil Concrete SIDEWALKS

stenciled concrete retaining walls

Stencil Concrete RETAINING WALLS

interior concrete stenciled walls

INTERIOR Stencil Concrete WALLS

exterior stencil concrete walls

Exterior Stencil Concrete WALLS

stencil crete landscape designs


Stencil Crete SPA AREAS

Stencil Crete SPA AREAS

Stenciled Symbols and emblems

Stenciled Symbols and Emblems

The above pictures are only a few of the hundreds of options available to you. During your Design Consultation you'll see that the design possibilities are endless, giving you the freedom to customize your Stenciled Concrete Design in any way you like, including colours, patterns, shapes, designs, symbols, textures & special features etc. Call 0405 265 220 In Advance to book your design consultation.

The 'Concrete Design Specialists' Also Specialise In:

Stamped Concrete
Textured Concrete
Coloured Concrete
Colour-Thru Concrete
Acid Staining Concrete
Resurfaced Concrete
Spray-On Concrete
Concrete Polishing
Exposed Aggregate Concrete
Plain Concrete Formwork
Outdoor Concrete Stenciling
Stencil Crete Carport Floors
Stencil Crete Garage Floors
Stenciled Pool & Spa Decks
Landscape Stenciling
Concrete Stencil Driveways
Concrete Basketball Courts
Concrete Tennis Courts
Concrete Fire-Pits
Concrete Parking Lots
Indoor Concrete Stenciling
Interior Concrete Wall Stenciling
Stencil Crete Feature Walls
Stenciling Concrete Flooring
Polished Concrete Floors
Decorative Stencilling
All Unique Concrete Stencils
Personalized Colours & Patterns
Custom Designed Concrete
Concrete Symbols & Emblems
Council Crossings
Concrete Extensions
Cheap Paving Alternatives
Exterior Concrete Walls
Concrete Painting/Respray
Concrete Resurfacing
Concrete Slabs
Concrete Formwork
Concrete Footings
Concrete Foundations

Concrete Design

NO Obligation
NO Pressure

Absolute care and precision is applied to ensure your beautiful new Stenciled Concrete project is built to last, so
no need for future repairs or maintenance, regardless of heavy traffic or the harshest weather. Proprietary methods
are used to reinforce concrete strength & colour longevity so it maintains it's new appearance for up to a decade.

If you're looking for a reliable, licensed Stencil Crete contractor who's an experienced professional, knowledgeable
and creative with extreme attention to detail, then you'll definitely be happy with the quality service you receive.

Call Leo -the Lead Designer- on 0405 265 220 and tell him what kind of project you have in mind. Leo will gladly offer
to visit your location and give you a Free Design Consultation worth $175, presenting you with all the options available,
including the best styles, colours and patterns for adding value to your home, and giving you so many more
valuable suggestions and creative ideas you can use.



  • We specialize in the widest variety of Stencil styles, patterns and colours
  • Professional design specialists to give you the best advice. Be Informed!
  • Meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the highest quality workmanship
  • Fast completion times. Walk on your new concrete 2 days after we begin
  • Licensed, Insured and Registered with The Department Of Fair Trading
  • Firm Quotes! Unlike Others, We Never Charge You More Than Our Quote
  • Friendly 'down-to-earth' communication. No hard selling or pressure sales
  • Extensive portfolio of finished jobs. See the quality workmanship in advance.
  • FREE $175 Stencil Crete Design Consultation. No obligation to buy anything!

If You Want To See The Best Your Stencil Crete Can Be

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Or simply ask questions, discuss design ideas & get a price estimate


When it comes to Stencil crete you definitely get what you pay for. Beware of tradesman who offer prices much lower than others because there are hidden reasons how they do it cheaper. Concreters can do cheaper work by taking shortcuts on a project, creating future problems.

Concreters are known to give the cheapest quotes when they use lower quality materials and by reducing the time allowance for your project. This leaves the customer destined to receive a rushed job done with low quality materials, and the end result of that is an average looking project with a very short life-span, prone to cracking, chipping, fading, stains, drainage issues, weather damage and other problems. The bottom line is that people who hunt for the very cheapest quote will typically end up paying more for it later down the track, by ruining the appearance and value of their property and from the continuous maintenance costs of repairs typically involved with cheaply made concrete. More information is available here.

Different to most contractors, the 'Concrete Design Specialists' have built their reputation by constructing only the highest quality, beautiful and most durable Stenciled Concrete.

They perform precision workmanship, use top quality materials and pay strict attention to detail, which is why their Guarantees are better than others. They build their concrete to last, making it a one-time investment without any maintenance funds needed from you in future.

With a 10 year, 100% Guarantee On ALL Materials AND Workmanship it's their highest priority to make your new Stenciled Concrete project is made with perfection.

'The Concrete Design Specialists' give a
10 Year Warranty on All Workmanship And Materials!
No one else in Sydney offers this. See further details of Guarantees here.

Are you ready to see how beautiful your Stencil Crete can be?
Contact Leo -The Design Specialist- Today on 0405 265 220
and tell him about the type of project you've been thinking about

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"On behalf of the Team of 'Concrete Design Specialists', we look forward to turning your concrete vision into a reality!"